[New Post] Sizing Chart March 15 2014


One of the questions we hear most often is about sizing of our shirts. 

Fun story: recently we were hanging out at one of our favorite local craft breweries and wearing our hand printed tshirts from Head Turn Tees, when we met a great group of Day Drinking people who were interested in having their own shirts. However, they were unsure of how the shirts would fit them. So being local we invited them to our print shop to try on our shirts in person. While it was great to have them come see behind the screens and try shirts on - we knew it was time to put up a sizing chart for everyone else.

So, we rounded up a few of our good friends and viola - below are 5 good looking people of different shapes and sizes, each wearing three different Head Turn Tees sizes. 

If you are unsure of your size, just find which person below is closest to your height/weight and decide for yourself!

If all else fails - Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....