Women's cut shirt sizes now available! February 13 2014

Looking for a woman's cut shirt? Wondering if HeadTurnTees come in women's cut?

The answer is YES, we do offer women's cut shirts. We offer all our shirts, sizes and colors in unisex. If you would rather have a women's cut we do offer them in neon green, neon yellow, pink and turquoise. 

Here is how to order a women's cut Head Turn Tee:

Pick out the shirt you want in our online store. Place an order online for the shirt design, color and size you want. As soon as you complete your checkout, send us an email to HeadTurnTees@gmail.com to let us know you want a women's cut, rather than the standard unisex cut. 

In your email include: 

    • the name on the order
    • your order number (this will be on your checkout page and your order confirmation email)
    • confirm the color and size of female cut you would like

We make everything to order and handprint each shirt. So, if you send us an email request right after ordering we will make sure to print you you a women's cut Head Turn Tee. 

That's all for now, thanks you animal!