[NEW POST] Meet the printer February 12 2014

HeadTurnTees is young at heart, but our team has experience making shirts and other odd and ends for years. As we continue to make and ship HeadTurnTees, we want you to meet the most important person behind your new favorite shirt, our printer and screen print master - Kim Rutherford. Kim has previously handmade thousands of shirts, a wealth of experience which helps to make HeadTurnTess the best hand printed shirts available. 
Enter Kim:
HeadTurnTees - first_shirt_ever_printed
This is my first t-shirt. It all began in high school when a group of us from the track team decided to make shirts to celebrate making it to the Regional finals. It was a simple design using pre-made stencils and spray paint. 
I used one of my dad's old undershirts, pit stains and all, and haphazardly sprayed my "all district" message on the back...and I was almost successful. In my haste to create a "perfectly centered" design I forgot one important thing; how to spell. Not once, but twice I misspelled district and ended up with a new word: DI$TRI$T
I may have started as the Ke$ha of t-shirt making, but I realized something with that first shirt. I knew then that this was something I wanted to keep doing. Since that day I have made over a thousand t-shirts using hand-made stencils and spray paint. Ultimately I have upgraded to more sophisticated equipment
that has served to elevate the quality of my craft while preserving the creative process I love. 
Plea$e wear them proudly and wear them loudly.