Been a while November 18 2014

We just realized it has been quite a while since our last update here. Needless to say we have been busy getting things off the ground this year and have had A LOT of fun doing so. We have exceeded our expectations for this year already - and we are not even into the holiday season. So many custom orders have been keeping us busy, as have the larger bulk orders of our house designs.

Here are a few pictures from us hard at work over the past several months:


Our QA Team:


A few of our recent prints (we handprint each item):



A custom order for a local brewery:

[New Post] Sizing Chart March 15 2014


One of the questions we hear most often is about sizing of our shirts. 

Fun story: recently we were hanging out at one of our favorite local craft breweries and wearing our hand printed tshirts from Head Turn Tees, when we met a great group of Day Drinking people who were interested in having their own shirts. However, they were unsure of how the shirts would fit them. So being local we invited them to our print shop to try on our shirts in person. While it was great to have them come see behind the screens and try shirts on - we knew it was time to put up a sizing chart for everyone else.

So, we rounded up a few of our good friends and viola - below are 5 good looking people of different shapes and sizes, each wearing three different Head Turn Tees sizes. 

If you are unsure of your size, just find which person below is closest to your height/weight and decide for yourself!

If all else fails - Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....

Why Beer Fests are the perfect place to wear your HeadTurnTee March 02 2014

To those of you who have never attended one of these festivals devoted to the most delicious of libations allow me to give you an idea of what to expect. 

You walk into the venue, normally an outdoor space with tents under which any number of beer reps await to share their rare and superior wares.  You are given a tiny testing glass which has the effect to make even the smallest hand look gargantuan during consumption.  At this point the world is your oyster and you have 4-6 hours to consume to your heart’s desire.  Some take the approach of a true beer connoisseur and savor each sample as they make note in their program of the body, taste, finish and overall rating.  Others, and most, take this opportunity to drink as much as physically possible in the allotted time to get more than their money’s worth.  I have had the pleasure of partaking in both approaches and have been happy with either.

So why am I discussing Beer Festivals on a T-shirt business blog?  Imagine walking in at 2pm.  The sun is high in the sky and beating down on your face.  You firmly position your sunglasses on your eyes and make your way to the first tent.  As you walk into the shade of that tent you find yourself surrounded by the sights and smells of world class craft beer.  You take a minute to adjust your eyes to decide which brewery is most worthy of your consumption.  You slide the sunglasses from your eyes; fold one temple arm under, then the other.  You very casually slip the sunglasses into the V on the front of your shirt:  The perfect place to store them until you venture into the sun again.  People immediately take notice.  The slightly inebriate masses stare in amazement and awe at not only your superior taste in beer but also fashion.  You are truly an example of a renaissance man.  You can now enjoy all the beer the fest has to offer knowing that you are effortlessly making a statement with your cutting edge shirt. 

I have lived this dream many times and can tell you with confidence that this will be exactly how you experience it when you wear your HeadTurnTee to a beer fest.   Drunk people are fascinated by them. 




Patty O'Shades women's cut and colors February 26 2014


We offer a kelly green women's cut (deeper V-neck)


We offer 2 colors in unisex: green and off-white with green ink.  


Here is a link to the shirt shop.


Thank you as always :)



Women's cut shirt sizes now available! February 13 2014

Looking for a woman's cut shirt? Wondering if HeadTurnTees come in women's cut?

The answer is YES, we do offer women's cut shirts. We offer all our shirts, sizes and colors in unisex. If you would rather have a women's cut we do offer them in neon green, neon yellow, pink and turquoise. 

Here is how to order a women's cut Head Turn Tee:

Pick out the shirt you want in our online store. Place an order online for the shirt design, color and size you want. As soon as you complete your checkout, send us an email to to let us know you want a women's cut, rather than the standard unisex cut. 

In your email include: 

    • the name on the order
    • your order number (this will be on your checkout page and your order confirmation email)
    • confirm the color and size of female cut you would like

We make everything to order and handprint each shirt. So, if you send us an email request right after ordering we will make sure to print you you a women's cut Head Turn Tee. 

That's all for now, thanks you animal!



[NEW POST] Meet the printer February 12 2014

HeadTurnTees is young at heart, but our team has experience making shirts and other odd and ends for years. As we continue to make and ship HeadTurnTees, we want you to meet the most important person behind your new favorite shirt, our printer and screen print master - Kim Rutherford. Kim has previously handmade thousands of shirts, a wealth of experience which helps to make HeadTurnTess the best hand printed shirts available. 
Enter Kim:
HeadTurnTees - first_shirt_ever_printed
This is my first t-shirt. It all began in high school when a group of us from the track team decided to make shirts to celebrate making it to the Regional finals. It was a simple design using pre-made stencils and spray paint. 
I used one of my dad's old undershirts, pit stains and all, and haphazardly sprayed my "all district" message on the back...and I was almost successful. In my haste to create a "perfectly centered" design I forgot one important thing; how to spell. Not once, but twice I misspelled district and ended up with a new word: DI$TRI$T
I may have started as the Ke$ha of t-shirt making, but I realized something with that first shirt. I knew then that this was something I wanted to keep doing. Since that day I have made over a thousand t-shirts using hand-made stencils and spray paint. Ultimately I have upgraded to more sophisticated equipment
that has served to elevate the quality of my craft while preserving the creative process I love. 
Plea$e wear them proudly and wear them loudly.

Color Guide for Head Turn Tees February 01 2014

We just added several new color options for all our shirts. Now you have the option of 6 unique colors in any print. 

Here is the Head Turn Tee Color Guide:
  1. Grey
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Neon Yellow
  6. Neon Green
Still more questions? Contact customer support at

Our first four shirt designs are live January 20 2014

Today we decided to quit just making these shirts for ourselves and posted our favorite four designs. There were about 10 that we considered, but decided on just four. They are:

Get one for yourself and let us know what you think.

How this works: Head Turn Tees November 24 2013

Thanks for stopping by. Obviously you have great style.

A few quick notes to help you get going with Head Turn Tees:

  • All designs you see in our shop are available for order.
  • All shirts are made to order, this means we take extra time to make them, bake them and ship them.
    • On average our shirts ship within 3 days of your order.
    • If this is a concern - contact us ahead of time and we will do whatever we can to accommodate.
  • If you would like a custom design that you do not see listed, let us know by emailing us at
    • Custom shirt designs are:
      • 1-5   shirts = $20/each
      • 6-10 shirts = $15/each
      • 11+  shirts, contact us for bulk price